Ellis 1600

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Ellis 1600 specifications

Specification Description
Manufacturer Ellis
Model 1600
Blade size (feet x inch x width) 10' x 1
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Good and convenient saw 3/5  
  • 3/5

Reviewed by Brandon Gregory on 2012-08-02 00:00:00

Considered to be the most popular model of Ellis band saw. This is a good saw for general sawing. Convenience is never an issue since this can easily be moved to a different job location. Another convenience it provides is its one- step conversion from horizontal to vertical band saw. When cutting, the stock remains in one position for all cuts.

Made in the USA 4/5  
  • 4/5

Reviewed by Lance Stanley on 2012-10-09 00:00:00

A nice piece of equipment. What I like about it is it’s still made in the USA. It makes accurate cuts. Way better than my old saw.

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